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Thread: yet another BFing ?

  1. Proud Submariner's Wife
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    yet another BFing ?

    How soon do they say it's okay to pump and bottle feed at times? I don't want to yet, but I was curious. I know they say wait a while so there isn't nipple confusion, right?
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    yep, that's correct.... they *say* 3 months or so... BUUUT i know plenty of ppl who did it sooner and their baby did not have nipple confusion. i think before 3 months when she started daycare, ellie had had maybe 2 bottles of BM.... now we have an issue where she prefers the breast to bottle LOL she won't take bottles @ daycare so that's where she eats her daily solids lol
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    I think it's about 3 or 4 weeks, if I remember right. Of course my youngest is almost 2, so it's almost been a year since I bf'd!

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