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Thread: BF'ing and teeth

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    BF'ing and teeth

    My dd's 1st tooth has finally came in. Well since I breast feed her I have a question. I know she doesnt mean to but she sometimes bites down and it hurts. Not to bad but enough to make me tense up. Is there anything I can do to prevent this or will she just eventually stop?
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    Jacob has never bit on accident he HAS bit me three times on purpose. I put him down and say no biting. So for me if you bite mama the bewbie gets put away.. However Jacob got his first tooth at ten months so he was older I don't know how old your baby is.
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    I just tapped my kids cheek lightly(not at all to hurt them, just to make them aware of what they were doing) & tell them no,no
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    Miss K has never bitten me on accident. When she has done it I told her 'No, don't bite' and stopped nursing her. She tried it maybe 3 or 4 times and hasn't done it since.
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    Zoe has done it once. I unlatched her and told her "No biting" and we stopped nursing. She hasn't done it since. BUT she's only had her bottom teeth for a little while, we'll see how it goes later on.
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    My DS only did it once. I took food away and he didn't like that. They learn. It is a new thing.
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    Magnolia would occasionally bite down when she was teething, although not on purpose. She also went through an intentional biting spell. I ignored the accidental biting because if I did/said anything, she would do it again for a reaction. The intentional biting resulted in me saying "No bite" and taking her off the breast. She very quickly learned not to do it!
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    if it's accidental, I just get aidan's attention and say, "oh no, careful no biting..." if he locks down (like he has on occassion...) I take him off and give him something ot bit...when he is ready to nurse again, he lets me know.

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