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Thread: mommas that BF

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    mommas that BF

    so this morning i woke up super super engorged (dunno why i guess cause she has fed a ton in the last couple days and then slept alot last night like 3-4 hour breaks between feedings) and tried to hand express while i was waking her up to eat. my boobs are still super sore and they aren't hard. could i have pushed on them to hard to get the milk out? should i start pumping too?
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    it could be all the mashing u did on them.

    if she's feeding then there really is no reason to pump.

    soreness can mean plugged ducts too so watch for those (a hot red spot, or hard knot)...u DEFINITELY dont want a case of mastitis...NO FUN!

    lay a warm wash cloth on them to see if that helps with the soreness....I think u just mashed on them too much
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    If she has been nursing a lot lately your supply could be building up for a feeding spurt. You could always pump for a couple minutes before you feed her to get the swelling down.
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    Put her to your breast and let her nurse to relieve the engorgement. Keep an eye out for plugged ducts too.

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