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Thread: Co-sleeping Momma's

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    Co-sleeping Momma's

    Alright Ladies!

    When did you say enough was enough? How did you transition? My DS is 2.5 and I am ready to kick him out. He is VERY clingy.
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    My oldest was 3 when I finally got him out of my bed, it took MONTHS. I managed to get Caleb out at a year, but he wanted to sleep in a big boy room like his brother so that helped.
    I just had to make him go to bed in his own room. I'd lie in bed with him until he fell alseep and then I left. It took less time each time and eventually he went to sleep on his own in there. Getting him to stay in there all night is what took the longest.
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    Tandis sleeps in his bed half the time, half the time in mine, but I don't mind.
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    Ive been having the hardest time getting my 22 month old out of my bed and just this week she did it all on her own. Time will do it...
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    heres a thread that might help ya

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    ds is 10 weeks and still in our room. db and everyone thinks it's time to have him in his own crib but I hate the idea he's so far away. I shouldn't be that way because he's sleeping through the night and has been for a long time I just can't bring myself to do it
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    we're trying to get DD out of our bed...she's almost 23 months....we have to put her to sleep in our bed and then we move her out to her bed when she's "out" then if she sleeps through the night good...if not then we let her back in our....i'm hoping that method works and soon she will be sleeping more in hers and less in ours...cause now i get like 6in of a queen size bed all to myself... ()

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    We had Gavin out when he was about a year, then DH deployed and I would let him sleep with me. Then at 2 he was back in his room but when I had the baby just before Gavin turned 3 and the baby slept with us so did Gavin. So now they both are in our bed at some time during the night. The babe will only sleep with us to nurse then he wants back in his own bed. Gavin will fall asleep with us then we put him in his bed. We are relocating in a few months and I think we'll wait until then to start making changes.
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    3 months shes a bed hog and kept kicking the crap out of everyone now she has a pack and play right next to the
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    My girl is 16months and we own a king size bed and she sleeps right in the middle of it and hugs the whole thing. we want her out but she jus wont sleep in her criab AT ALL...... i miss having my oxn personal space.... so this weekend we are gonna convert her bed to a toddler bed and e if that works....
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