Thanks for the add... Am grateful for all who are on the sites that help with even the little things.
I am a mother to a newly BCT graduate, who is heading to Fort Gordon.

If anyone has any info or advise regarding Fort Gordon will be helpful.

Like, graduation ceremony? Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Mail?? I know he should be getting me the info as far as address, rules and regulation - but any additional info, hints and help would be great.

I can't remember his MOS abbreviation, I just know he's going for Information Technology Specialist -
He will be in Fort Gordon, then head to Fort Benning for a couple of weeks before his next set of orders.

Hotels in area?? Suggestions??

I didn't get to see him for Family Day or Graduation due to him not passing his PT Test (We are not runners in our family).
So, his DS wouldn't allow his platoon to even do Family Day.. Which broke my heart, cause I wanted to see him.
So, I am looking forward to heading up to where he is, as soon as he gets a weekend pass.
So, if anyone has any suggestions on where to stay near base or recommendation on what to do, please let me know.

Thanks again for everyone's input and advise.