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Thread: 35 Things in Every Military Home

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    9 out of 35 which was way more than I thought it would be! Hahaha they need to add "tupperware with your last name written on it from squadron potlucks and picnics"
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    Only 6 for us!
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    Just 5 for us.
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    15 out of 35

    Let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth. - 1 John 3:18
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    28 :O I think the only ones I missed were things being all over the counters etc. DH is OCD that things have their place, he can never find them, but they aren't left out on the counters lol

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    35. Tan socks and protein powder.
    if I fold one more tan sock I might hang myself with it. And we have protein powder, but DH sells Herbalife so that's a given lol
    34. Bedroom furniture in the living room.
    I have decor that was in our bedroom in NC that is in our living room now, does that count?
    33. Black shoe wax and spray starch.
    Nope. We don't even have any Brasso
    32. Customs forms and flat rate boxes.
    ask me in three days
    31. A countdown poster, paper chain, or calendar.
    30. Boxes of clothing from a completely different climate-- which you don't dare get rid of because you don't know where you'll be stationed next!
    Psh, I planned ahead and asked about the weather! Nevermind I can only wear my "fall/winter" clothes for two months of the year lol
    29. An unlimited supply of Motrin!
    AKA Pain Candy
    28. Magnets and take out menus from places you no longer live!
    27. 23 bottles of shampoo from the last case-lot sale.
    26. Baggies full of dammits, pins, patches, ribbons and medals.
    dammits? But yes. Said box was a gift from DH's former unit when he left. We also have a smaller one in the room that has the USMC emblem that I gave him when he reenlisted
    25. Canteens, and waterproof notebooks.
    24. A dish that someone left at the cookout you hosted.
    No, but I do have a cup... I some how always have somebody else's cups... we DO have our own cups, people!
    23. Spices or dry goods from six moves ago.
    Nope. TMO didn't pack any of our food
    22. Flat, white sheets and a box of paint to make the next homecoming banner.
    21. Daddy Dolls
    20. Sports team memorabilia from a team thousands of miles away.
    19. Beautiful furniture in the garage. It fit in the house you just left… but won’t fit through these doors.
    No garage :/ We live in an apartment. But we do have furniture in our hallway storage!
    18. A scattering of "frogs" (pin backs) on every counter - the bathroom, the kitchen, the shelf in the laundry room…
    Strangely, no. I had more of those scattered around my house when I was in JROTC lol
    17. Skiing gear in HI and beach toys in AK.

    16. A driveway full of cars with license plates (and inspection stickers) from three different states.
    Well in NC we had an Ohio & a NC
    15. CamelBaks… multiple CamelBaks.
    idk what that is lol
    14. White Walls.
    They're actually off white because housing loves us haha!
    13. Little piles of things from pockets. Usually a pen and then odd notes that resemble scratchings from the Davinci Code.
    So. Many. Junk. Drawers.
    12. Brand new cleaning supplies because the movers can’t pack them.
    That, or, because I clean and had to buy more? lol!
    11. Those little, black clicky pens.
    So. Many. Pens.
    10. Covers, which no husband can ever seem to find.
    9. A few, bad formal gowns.
    One from this year that I still haven't taken to the dry cleaners, and two dresses with broken zippers lol
    8. A case of MRE’s in the garage.
    Nope, pantry.
    7. Tuff boxes full of gear taking up the spot in the garage where the car is supposed to be.
    Piles of gear taking up the spots where anything else in the entire world is supposed to be.
    6. Red, yellow or blue stickers (moving stickers) under a few pieces of furniture.
    OMG These bitches are everywhere!
    5. Unit and challenge coins.
    My favorite
    4. An assortment of alcohol glasses from different balls.
    DH's Favorite haha!
    3. An unpacked box that seems to follow you wherever you go.
    2. Sets of curtains, not currently being used.
    Yes, but only because my mom sent me them and I have yet to sell them on the FB yard sale pages lol... and because I have yet to buy the curtain track to hang the two I bought
    1. Boots, boots…and MORE boots!
    He doesn't even WEAR most of these damn things!

    be cool.
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    The pens are the worst UGH. J used to be really bad about leaving them in his uniform and starting a load of laundry.

    Let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth. - 1 John 3:18
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    im not even military and i have 5 of these lol idk how yall are getting such low numbers
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    OMG....I'm so embarrassed to say I have almost all the list. HAHAHAHA....It's just crap we have accumulated over the years. Including my bedroom armoire that couldn't fit up stairs in the bedroom. It's now being used as a storage closet in the front room. But, in my defense, It looks great
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