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Thread: The Definition of a Military SO

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    Military SO means Military significant other.
    A Military SO is the girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband of an individual in any branch of any Military.

    There is no higher civilian level of badassery.

    To be a military SO (besides having a significant other in the military) you must:
    -be able to survive a long distance relationship.
    -be able to go for long periods of time without sexual intercourse.
    -forgive any forgotten special dates.
    -forgive lack of contact.
    -have decent handwriting (for letters).
    -have Skype (or any other video-chat service)
    -have a charged phone on your person at all times (for unexpected calls or texts from your SO).
    -be strong.
    -be a badass.

    Don't mess with her, she's a military SO.
    Your point?
    Her boyfriend can crush you with no effort.
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