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Thread: Looking for the Moon

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    Confused Looking for the Moon

    This poem is something I wrote the first time my DB and I were apart. We always have this thing about whenever we're missing each other to just find the moon and know that we're both looking at the same moon even if we're miles apart. Sounds corny but that's how we are and I love it!

    I'm also shy about sharing my write but what the heck!

    Looking for the Moon

    I miss your smile, I miss your kiss
    I never expected to miss you like this
    I crave your touch and the sound of your voice
    I know you don't want to go but it's not your choice

    Every night you're away we can share the sky of stars
    It's our reminder that love is never too far
    Absence only makes the heart grow fonder
    This time and space will make our love stronger

    Whenever you're gone I'll dream about you
    My handsome man in combat boots
    Don't worry soldier you'll be home soon
    Until then I'll keep looking for the moon

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    It is very beautifully written. I like it a lot.

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