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Thread: He Has No Idea

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    He Has No Idea

    He honestly doesn't.
    I am filled with so much pride and he says, "It's just a job." No, My Love, it is not. I admire him so much for what he does and the struggles he is forced through. He rarely complains. He minds his Ps and Qs. I am so proud of him. He says he doesn't understand why but the fact that I am makes him feel really special. That's because he is.
    I just needed to share.

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    I agree LOL, I am oh so very proud of hubs.
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    Whenever DF gets down in the dumps, I ask him to consider all that he's accomplished already.

    He insists he did nothing worthy of note, but in my opinion he has and does.

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    I completely agree! I admire DH SOOO much for what he's given and continues to give to the Marine Corps and this country! I see his struggles from what he's been through. Every time he says "I'm not a hero I'm just doing my job" it gives me the shivers and I just want to hug him and squeeze him. He makes me so proud!

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    my boyfriend says the same thing! he gets all embarrassed when people say thank you and when i tell him how proud of him i am and tells me it's "just his job"
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    My DB does the same thing. I find it makes me even more proud of him and respect him even more.
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    Aww! I love this thread!

    I like that I have to remind DH every now and then how much of an awesome provider he is for our family. It's so healthy to have admiration for your mate.
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    Agreed!!! I guess the fact that they don't get it makes us love them even more!!! They truly are heroes and just don't see it. <3
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    DB never recognizes anything that he's done. It gets frustrating. I tell him all the time how proud of him I am, but he shrugs it off.

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    I tell DF often that I am proud of how much he's done in his life and how hard he has worked to be where he is today (and continues to work until he accomplishes his long term goal with the military). I know he appreciates hearing it, but I don't think he actually realizes how amazing he is and how much good he does

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