I was talking with one of the guys who was deployed with an exDB a few years ago last night, he's a mutual friend of ours. He worked in the same shop as exDB as well as my girlfriend's husband. Every month my girlfriend (the one who is my amazing photographer) and I would put together a themed care package to send out to the entire shop.

I was also the FRG secretary and we did so much fun stuff and sent it out to the ship with pictures for them to hang in the mess hall. Well the guy friend and I were talking about how much I used to do and how much fun I had being a part of it all and how much they all appreciated it. Then it hit me that since DB is getting out this year, I will never be a part of the FRG again, and I will never have someone to send fun care packages too.

So I decided to adopt a soldier I'm going to send my first introduction care package to her this week. I'm not very creative though so I may the care package thread for some ideas. I've only ever sent care packages to Sailors out on the ship, so I have no idea what to send this girl in the Army. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!