Poem my husband recently wrote. I love it.

We, The Yellow Feet
A Poem by Haunzwurthe

For all of Uncle Sam's Misguided Children

We call out to you
Misguided children
Yellow beacons
The lighthouse for your souls

To most, we matter not
Weathered painted pavement
Oh but you, yes you
See more, need more

We know your heart
Your will, your desire
We know when you do not
From generations before you

Trust us lost friends
To find your way home
Stand upon us
That we may point the way

There is no promise
Save one concrete vow
We will not falter or fail you
Should you follow our course

We will forge you
From pain, fear, and weakness
Through blood, sweat, and tears
Into honor, courage, and commitment

So leave your darkened corners
Your dead end streets
Leave the naysayers
Who prison you with words

Step foot upon us
This hallowed ground
Persevere with us
And walk our yellow footsteps

To glory