Eternal God,

We thank you for the significant relationships that are such an important part of life, especially those we share within our own families. Help us to strengthen these relationships by our sensitivity to each other and by our willingness to practice patience, understanding, and forgiveness within our homes.

Give us the strength to face the daily challenges and sacrifices that are part of the life style we experience within the military community. May we develop a balanced outlook on life and a deep commitment to each other, though the encouraging touch, the understanding smile, and the many small acts of kindness.

May we give generously of ourselves to the noble causes that are so important to our world, our nations, and our communities. Enable us to become totally dedicated to the sanctity of marriage and the health of our families, which serve as the foundation of society

We offer this prayer in gratitude for all the blessings of the past and with hope in that which awaits us in the future. In your name we pray,