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Thread: Adopt-a-Soldier

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    Help Adopt-a-Soldier

    So I've really been thinking about doing this, even before exDB. So I wanted to get everyone's opinions. I plan on going through and it says that I'll have to be able write weekly cards/letters and to send at least one CP a month. Now what I'm wondering is with the cards/letters, are those physical letters and cards, like handwritten, or are they electronic? Also, what is the average costs for doing a CP for them? I plan on collecting things throughout the month and just adding to the CP and when it gets close to being a month, sending it out to them. I know it depends on the soldier, but what are some general things to put in a CP? Any and all advice would be appreciated.
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    When they say letters/cards, they mean physical mail.

    And the packages depend on how large the package is. You don't have to send much, just a small one is fine. That is about $5 for shipping, and about $5-10 for whats inside. For a medium package its about $11 for shipping, and usually $15 of stuff. And a large package is about $14 for shipping and about $20+ to fill it up.
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    Or you can do what I do is just go to the Post office get APO flat rate boxes fill it up no matter how heavy and you can mail it out to the platoon and they open it and everyone picks what they want out of it but the flat rate boxes are free to send them is 14.95 it dropped 2 dollars from last year..
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