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Thread: My Marine

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    My Marine

    My Marine,
    You make me smile and brighten my every day
    Just hearing your voice makes everything okay
    And though you are thousands of miles away
    With you is where my heart will aways stay

    My Marine,
    They say we're crazy, but they don't know
    All they can say is stop and take it slow
    I think they should really just let it go
    Your love is something I'll never outgrow

    My Marine,
    We may not have been together very long
    There's nothing about us that feels wrong
    "I should be sleeping" should be our song
    I've found my future was with you all along

    My Marine,
    I can't wait until I finally see you
    And I promise to always stay true
    No matter what we'll make it through
    Because you're the one I'll run to

    I wrote this for my marine, i love him so much.
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    love it!

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