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Thread: My Hero

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    My Hero

    Ran across this book at the library the other day. Thought I would share some of them.

    My Hero: Military Kids write about their Moms and Dads

    My dad is my hero because he was my dad. He took care of us before himself. He always played with all of us and he helped me in sports. He was busy in the Army but always made time to spend with our family. We shared a love and interest in collecting baseball cards. My dad taught me to respect people and encouraged me to do my best. My dad was also my hero because he was in the Army. He protected our country in Afghanistan. His men built a school for the children there and Dexter students sent books for them. My dad was killed in action in Afghanistan on October 31,2006 by an IED. Now he is a war hero.
    ~ Aidan Sloan, age 11
    Army: Maj Douglas Sloan (KIA)

    He is an American soldier He has gone to faraway places. He has left family and friends to do his duty. I miss my daddy a lot and I want him to come back, but I understand why he is in Afghanistan. He will always remember me every day. He sends me pictures on the computer. He is sacrificing his life for me and world freedom. He has faith and hope and he will give it to the world. And he has said I am the beat of his heart. He is the beat of my heart too! I miss him so very much.
    ~ Ariel Wilson, age 7
    Army: SFC Ramah Wilson

    She doesn't care what anyone says about me, she still loves me. She was brave enough to go to Kuwait. My mom is such a hero to me, even in my heart.
    ~Kelsey Hover, age 11
    National Guard: SPC Cary Trabal

    He is fighting for our country. I don't know where he is right now. But I do know he is helping hurt soldiers because he is a dermatologist wherever he is. I am proud of him. And even if he wasn't in war he would still be doing what he does like taking care of skin and stuff. If it wasn't for people like my dad who knows how to make skin better and lots of other cool things, then we would not be able to care for hurt skin on people because no one would be able to work the laser for taking tattoos off. So they would have tattoos for life and that would stink.
    ~ William Peters, age 11
    Army: LTC John Peters

    My dad is a Warrent Officer in the Marine Corps. He takes care of my family. He fixes things for me. He takes me places. My mom takes me to fast foods and my dad does not like fast foods. He likes Superman. He loves me. He loves my mom. He loves Georgia and Flash, those are my dogs. My dad is gone. We have two more months until he comes back. I miss him all the way to Mars from Earth.
    ~ Blaise Glove, age 7
    Marines: SGT Stephen Glove

    Without him I would not know what to do because he loves me so very much. I always want to do a good job so he will be proud of me. He is always telling jokes or fooling around doing anything he can to get a laugh out of me and my brother. We always have a great time together. My daddy will soon deploy and I wish him all the luck while he is gone. I will pray every night that he will be home soon. All I want is him home safely again. I love him with all my heart. He is not just my daddy but my bestfriend too.
    ~ Laura Isabell Gilchrist, age 11
    Navy: CPO Craig L. Gilchrist
    There are many many more I just randomly opened the book and wrote these to share. I recomend giving it a look if you have a chance.
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    The dermatologist one is my FAVE.
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    Oh shut the front door! I LOVE kids and all their sweetness. I'm sending this to DH since he's a bigger sucker for smart little cuties!!!!!
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    Aww this is so sweet! I'll have to make a copy of some of these pages to send to DB. I know he's missing the little one right about now!

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