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Thread: Need playlist!

  1. Each day passes is one more day to forever ;)
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    Each day passes is one more day to forever ;)
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    Help Need playlist!

    Im a big music junkie and definitely use music when Im feeling iverwhelmed, down, happy...whatever. Lately, Ive been feeling alone and I miss DB so much. He is currently deployed and this is all so new to me. Does anyone have any ideas for songs that helped them through?
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    My DF is deployed right now also. Whenever I'm missing him I try to listen to more upbeat, happy music to take my mind off of things. Lately I've been listening to

    You and I- Ingrid Michaelson
    Teenage Dream- Katy Perry
    Stuck Like Glue- Sugarland
    Your Love is my Drug- Kesha
    Rhythm of Love- Plain White T's
    Home- Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
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    Me:Illinois, Him: Ft. Lewis Washington
    incomplete: sisqo
    everytime you go away: brian mcknight
    3 doors down: when i'm gone, here without you
    everything- lifehouse
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    Colbie Calliat and Jason Mraz- Lucky( this was my deployment song for the first one)
    Brandy- Long Distance
    Colbie Calliat - I never told you
    Daughtry- Im coming home

    Thats all i can think of right now
    Everything happens for a reason...
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    This playlist that has yet to fail me when I miss him too much to function

    The Afters - Ocean Wide
    Moses Mayfield - Element
    Alexi Murdoch - Wait
    Tim Hanauer - Miss
    Joshua Radin - Friend Like You
    One Republic - Come Home
    Ray LaMontagne - Let it be me
    Coldplay - Warning Sign
    Snow Patrol - Set Fire to the Third Bar
    John Mayer - The Heart of Life
    Josh Kelley - Home to Me
    Matt Wertz - I will not take my love away
    The Afters - Beautiful Love
    Mumford & Sons - After the Storm
    George Harrison - What is love
    Sara Bareilles - Breathe Again
    Colbie Callait - Magic
    Incubus - Dig

    Hope it helps

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