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Thread: A poem in anticipation of his deployment...

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    A poem in anticipation of his deployment...

    Our Future

    by Myself

    Its looming in our future, that day that will come
    When you will be dressed in your ACUís
    That green and brown camouflage bag at your feet
    Our arms around each other one last time
    Good-bye is eminent, I wonít want to let you go

    A kiss goodbye, I love you, come home safe
    Iíll be strong, as you hand leaves mine
    Iíll tell myself no tears until your gone
    Youíll turn and walk away from me
    It will be the hardest day, yet Iíll smile for you

    Iím so proud of you and what you do
    Yet Iíll want to crumble to the floor
    But Iíll stand tall, its all for you
    If your brave enough to go
    Im strong enough to stand tall and wait

    Youíll no longer be here, gone from my sight
    Iíll turn to leave, as the tears finally come
    Do you know how much I love you?
    Iíll pray as the days go by, for it to get easier
    But Iíll know I wont be okay, until you home

    Safe from harm, and back in my arms.
    Ill wait for you calls, day or night and
    Iíll write you everyday your away
    Watch the news to make sure your okay
    And remember no news is good news.

    Heres another that i wrote that kind of somes up our relationship:
    It'll be alright
    By Myself

    I want to jump in your arms
    When you held me tight
    Like that night long ago
    You told me it would be alright
    And we kissed that night
    As you told me youíd made a mistake
    I spoke the words telling you no
    Knowing as I did itíd make my heart break
    If I could take away the words I said
    Maybe I could take away the pain
    Id kiss you and tell you itíll be alright
    And we could be together again
    The past is just that, the past
    We both made our choices and
    Though they brought us back together
    Some of them were not planned
    Thereís nights when I long for your arms
    To be wrapped around me at night
    But youíre miles away from me
    Even so, you make my dreams bright.
    So I guess what Iím trying to say
    Is if I had a choice, my choice is you
    And no distance nor time apart, could make me stray.

    Thanks for reading! I havent been able to wrtie for years now so it feels good to write again. My best girlfriend read the first poem and told me i had to post it at some point so here it is.
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    those are great poems . i really like them.

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