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Thread: Medical Discharge

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    Medical Discharge

    Ok, My husband just got diagnosed with an irregular heart beat. One of two things will happen, One he would be sub-disqualed and sent to surface fleet, or two he would be Medically discharged.
    Has anyone gone through this, or is going through this? I'm really nervous and worried both about my husband and our situation afterwards. I have no idea what will I'm worried.
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    My best friend who is a Marine, got medically discharged for having a heart problem
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    I have an irregular heartbeat as well, but apparently it's not a "dangerous" type, even though I am a higher risk candidate for heart disease, according to the doctor. It's in my record, and that's reviewed every year since, and it's been about 6 years, so apparently I'm good. Don't freak out too early.
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    We've been dealing with this off & on for a couple of years. Dh has even had 2 heart surgeries & is still active duty.

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    DH got sub disqualified back in November. Send me a PM if you have any questions
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    My friend got medically retired from the navy from having a terminal illness (not heart related) and she seems to be doing fine! she has been collecting unemployment as well as disablity from the military. she was only in the military for 3 years when they diagnosed her, so she didnt get to get all the retirement benefits, but she gets tricare prime for her for the rest of her life and standard for any of her dependants.
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