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Thread: PCSing

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    For those of you in the Army, how often do you change duty stations? My husband told me that we will probably be here at Drum for the entire 4 years. But how often do they normally move you?
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    My husband was at ft huachuca for 4 years, then korea for a year, meade for 18 months(supposed to be 3 years but got orders midway through), korea for a year, kuwait for a year, and now NATO for 3 years is where we are at.
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    df was at fort riley for two years (other than when he was in iraq) and would be the full three until he reenlisted...he makes it sound like we'll be at fort lewis for the full four more years he signed up for..i think you stay as long as they sign up for (3/4 years) unless they sign up for more..not sure on that. but a few years at least... not sure though, i'm new at this!
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    We moved on average every 2-4 years. Longest we've been at one place is 4.5 years, shortest was 12 months. (due to schooling)

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