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Thread: Wooo!!

  1. Miaka
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    He's finishing up his last mod and he gets his orders today!

    He's trying really hard to go overseas for his first deployment and go to Japan.. if not, he's trying to aim for San Diego, CA. What are the chances of him getting Japan as his first deployment anyway? I kinda don't want him to go.. (cause I wanna go, too! xD) but.. he was saying I can't go with him to his first deployment station, or something.. I dunno.. who cares, he's coming home soon! Buwahaha.

    oh yeah. >>; i secretly got on his myspace one day (i know i shouldn't, but i know he would get into my stuff if he had my password.) and he got this.. gay LOVE letter from one of his shipmates who was supposedly his old section leader .. Maria was her name.. I dunno. GOD, it made me feel sick just reading it. Anyway, thought I'd share.
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    well I hope he gets to stay around with you deployments are no fun!

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