So i attempted to start the command sponsorship packet today so i can join my husband in sicily. i contacted the closest navy base b/c ill be doing my part of the packet through them... oh goodness... im scared this is going to be a difficult process. the first guy i talked to threw out tons of questions... most of whch i dont even really understand, much less know how to answer. i feel completly clueless after calling my husband several times trying to figure out exactly what i need to tell them when i call, i was connected to who i am assuming the "right" person... long story short- ill be making a trip down there to be 'put in the system'. 1/2 way thru all of this i considered just having my husband call and set up whatever appoitments i have to have, so all i have to do is show up. but i want to know this kind of stuff, i know ill need to be able to deal with all of this the entire time he is in the navy... and i have to get used to it.

how did yall learn... just trial and error? are most bases slightly difficult? and by difficult i mean being on hold for over 30 min, and just being sent in circles. i know im new... and i am willing to pay my dues... just want to make sure im getting this all right