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Thread: How should I deal with this guy's wife?

  1. FrothySilvette
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    How should I deal with this guy's wife?

    Ok - a year ago I became casual friends (extreem casual - like a few phonecalls and some email) with the wife of a guy in my husband's unit.
    I actually wanted to be able to hang out with her and their kids a bit, but that just never happened..

    Some time went by and we stopped talking - well, she just stopped calling me...and then a year into deployment I found out that she had started cheating on her husband, ran thm into huge debt, ended up getting his car repossesed...the list is long...anyway - their marriage is at an end.

    This really tore her husband up (the husband's were good friends) - and her husband took it all out on my husband (my husband's in charge) and the constant barage started ot wear my husband out.

    In the end of things - her actions destroyed the guys' friendship and respect for eachother...and it destroyed the respect I had for her.

    Then her husband decided to stop talking ot her - since things were going so horribly ... and when he did that she emailed me asking me 'have you heard from him, is he ok?"

    Well - duh! He's heartbroken, no wonder why he doesn't want to talk to you! No surprise, here.

    But I don't want to talk to her, either .. but she keeps emailing me - not raelizing i'm getting her emails, I just don't know what to say!

    Ignore her? Tell her what I realy think? *shrug*
    Just say "yeah, he's fine but maybe he's just really busy??"

    And another part of me thinks that maybe she's trying to figure out how he's feeling and stuff without asking him.
    As if I really know.

    I just don't know what to do! but I have to do something or she'll keep emailing me thinking she'll eventually find out something.
  2. Armylove
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    I would just ignore her, but thats just me. Its not your job to give her updates on him. And he probably dosent want her knowing.
  3. Finding my own path!
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    block her email address or report her for harrassment girl. You don't need to be in the middle of that and she sure as hell has no right to even know what he's doing!!!!

    Every Ending is Another Beginning!!!!
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  4. FrothySilvette
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    Sounds good to me

    I just wanted to check that if I did it I wouldn't be a horrible person - my husband's an SSG - and so I don't know if I have any expectations for getting involved or not.

    Oh- here - some truth - she's sending it to an email address that's plagued with spam, I actually saw her emails in my spambox LOL ... good thing i scan it before i delete - so -- I'll just leave 'em there and I won't feel so bad..

    I think part of me is just a guilt glutton.
  5. my heart is home!
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    yep i say ignore. im sure he doesnt want her to know how shes doing and it probably bothers her more that she cant get info on him so shes trying every outlet possible! dont feel guilty! look at how bad she messed things up for several people! shes an idiot!
  6. Epic
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    I wouldn't just outright ignore her, she sounds like the type of person that wouldn't realized that you were ignoring her anyway. I would tell her that I don't want to get into the middle of it.
  7. Loving Life!
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    Tell her what you feel - be brutally honest - and then write her off.

    My little Loves!
  8. Banned
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    I would tell her in NO uncertain terms that you do NOT want to be in the middle of this and to please leave you OUT of it.
  9. gotstabemel
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    yea I would ignore her. She screwed up her life and his.. she has to pay for her wrongness I guess you could say. You don't want to get in this being the middle man.. or woman lol
  10. It's okay, I'm a nurse. I'm allowed to touch you there.
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    I'd stay stay out of it. Too much drama. Email her back and tell her you do not want to get involved then block her email.
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