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Thread: Moving ?

  1. myseabeesangel
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    Moving ?

    Hey my Dh and I were just wondering if when he gets home from school, will he be here to help with the move or will he have to go straight from school to his first duty station and the rest of us follow once the packing and stuff is done? Thanks
  2. bunkie
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    I dont know about the Navy but in the army you usually get a leave period to move your family for your first station just like any PCS.
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    If he can't be there, y'all need to get the POA's done ASAP.
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    I am not sure how they will do with your DH but I know when my DH was done boot camp when he went to A school he had some time off in between that he went and got all of his stuff to move into the barracks and they did give him some time to move to his new apartment at his permanent duty station..they give you a few days to move into a new place and such...I can't remember how many days it is though.
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    Good luck, it all depends on his orders, as to whether or not he'll be able to be there to help you move. Get a POA ASAP!

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    Good luck with everything!
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  7. myseabeesangel
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    Thanks girls, we already have the POA's, wills, and medical for both of us, jeez, I am starting to think that was the easy part,lol. And he trasfered from Navy reserves and is going Active duty Army. He has to go to Warrior training school, then off to his MOS training, I hope I said that right. So from reserves to active kind of has me in a tail spin,lol. He only has 1 week from signing in to when he leaves home. So I am trying to learn as much as possible to make it easier on our 5 kids and us, before we move,kwim? Cause I am used to moving on my own, but we haven't moved in 10 years,so I am just not sure what to expect, that is why I was wondering if he would be able to help us or if I should just start packing stuff when he leaves so it is ready to go the minute he gets here.
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    I would recommend that you start getting ready now. Start getting rid of things and preparing the kids. Do you know where you will be stationed? If you can, take a trip there to see where you will be living.

    Good luck
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    It depends on his orders. Mine has been hear to help and move us all but this last time. He was in Bahrain. I had to move me and the kids myself. You will need a POA to do the move.
  10. myseabeesangel
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    Thank you all so much for the info. I started getting rid of things today.

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