Alright, so my DH's unit has like quite literally nothing set up in terms of a KVN. The 1stSgt is putting me in KV/KVC training so that I can start organizing something for the unit. I am just looking for overall guidance and ideas from other Key Volunteers. It's a reserve unit, and my DH is an Active Duty member of the I&I staff, so basically his job is to train the reservists. There is an MFR KVN training conference in Florida next month, but it conflicts with Annual Training and DH will be gone for 2 weeks, which means I'd have no one to watch our DD during the training event. So I am inevitably going to miss it, which sucks because it would have been much better geared towards the marforres side of things. I'm going to wind up in training for active duty units, which is going to leave me again in the dark on how to spark interest and how to get things set up for this particular unit.

Our family day is in August so I need to have things set up and organized pretty well by then so that I can HOPEFULLY put out some sort of newsletter or flyer to the spouses and the Marines to if nothing else educate them on what the KVN is. I need to get started on writing such a newsletter up ASAP so I'm not cramming at the last minute on it to get it done.

When we leave this unit, I want to leave it with a working KVN. I don't want to leave it half-assed. I was telling DH the other day that it is something I need to do for MYSELF. I need to leave it workable for whoever takes my spot.

Anyways any advice I can get would be much appreciated. I don't know if there are any other KVs or KVCs on here but if there are, hooray!