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Thread: Dear Mr. President

  1. No one loves their mother like her boys!
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    No one loves their mother like her boys!
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    Wow Dear Mr. President

    Have you guys heard that song by Pink well here is the only link

    to the song that I know of just look for it top right in that box. I feel in love with it. It really made me think about our president and things I didn't even know I do support him in many way but still....just listen!
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    I have heard it before, and I liked it.
  3. MilitarySOS Jewel
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    I just saw the video this morning on VH1

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  4. i didn't realize that the USSR was back.
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    i didn't realize that the USSR was back.
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    yup it is in my iPod

    I will miss you SOS...
    Please be wary of what you post remember OPSEC is not just another acronym.

  5. Death Before Decaf!!
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    Death Before Decaf!!
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    She does it with the Indigo Girls - and I LOVE the Indigo Girls.

    Musically, I think it's a good song. Lyrically I think it's abrasive and harsh, maybe a little on the blind side - and I don't necessarily agree entirely with everything Pink is trying to convey, but I like the song itself and the artists that perform it.

    I hope that made sense.
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  6. Del
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    solve problems with a little time and lots of vodka
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    I like it. A lot.
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    Yup! I am not a Bush fan, so I really like it.
  8. Is the Agony of LOVE
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    Is the Agony of LOVE
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    I love this song.

    I fully support the guys but I am not a fan of Bush. So I really really REALLLLLLLY Love this song!

    I heard it threw a friend of mine. He is a Marine and has served 2 deployments overseas. He held his friend in his arms when he passed while fighting a few years ago. This song made him cry along with the song "Its so hard to say goodbye"

    I woke up and fell into this dream
    Happily ever after just took time
    Once upon this broken heart of mine

    this is the way a fairytale feels
    This is the way I know it's real
    'Cause this is the way a broken heart heals
    ,(`), ,
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    I love that song! I use to walk around singing it all the time.
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    Hard work? when she is making millions and millions for shaking her ass all over the TV and the pres get's 400G a year? lol too funny it's a very childish remark.. I'd like to ask Alecia what kind of work she has done that would be considered comparable to running an entire country...

    Regarding his daughter's rights.. Beh... NM.. She's a very ill-informed person, and one of the reasons that celebreties should stick to entertaining and stay out of politics. So, I guess I can take the song as entertainment..
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