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Thread: Lottery

  1. MilitarySOS Jewel
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    Do any of you know that if you wil the lottery will the military member have to get out?

    Also, Powerball is up at 183 million....what would you do with it?
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  2. Miss Puerto Rico
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    I'm sure they would give him an honorable discharge.
    I would pay off all my bills buy a house in my dream place. Pay off all of my mom's bill. Give some money for charity and save and invest the rest. Ohh and I would buy my self an SUV.
  3. gotstabemel
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    i would move out of the country with DH and build our dream house there, buy a new car, go on a huge shopping spree, travel everywhere!, help out family and friends, save the rest.. and give a little to charity.. makes me feel better to say that lol
  4. my heart is home!
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    I have no idea about your first question, but I do know what I would do with it! I would pay off my student loans, buy a house, buy my dream car, take my mom on a fabulous vacation..she's never been anywhere out of the US, and then I'd go on vacay with db and then I'd donate a bunch to the humane society and invest the rest! phew..that's a lot of wishful thinking on my part!
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    funny you posted this..we bought a lottery ticket today and were talking about what we would do if we won.

    My list is too long....but I can tell you that we would spend about 4-5 mil and put the rest away.
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    Dh told me you could buy out your contract. That's my extent of knowledge on the subject.

    As for if I off ALL of our bills, buy Dh his dream car, let my parents retire and buy their house, travel, put some into savings and college funds, donate to charities, and who knows what else.
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    Why would the military have to discharge the person if they won the lottery?? Couldn't they just keep working in the military if they wanted?
  8. Banned
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    my dh said they would let you out. You woud become a liaility for the military. We've discussed this several times too, but you have too play to win.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Yellowgrlz View Post
    Why would the military have to discharge the person if they won the lottery?? Couldn't they just keep working in the military if they wanted?
    Maybe because if they have all that money they wont care about doing a good job anymore so they wont care. Might as well let them get out if it's going to be like that but that's just a guess.
  10. Miranda
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    DH said they would just hav eyou buy out their contract....i watched E once about lottery winners and one ladies hubby was in the military getting ready to deploy in 2 weeks and she won- and bought out his contract and now they live in maui
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