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Thread: Do people seem to get stupid

  1. KevzQueen
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    Do people seem to get stupid

    when they find out he's getting out? Some people are just stupid period, but it seems as if a few people here are acting like assholes just because he's getting out (hopefully anyway, we had diff news today) real soon. Some ass told him that he'll probably be on welfare, but that's ok because at least he'll be doing something he wants to do. That's just unprofessional, immature, and uncalled for. Don't lose sleep just because this isn't the thing for him. He doesn't like to stand there and flip switches all day and he doesn't like feeling as if he's so tied down to a job. Shit. It's just so frustrating that people talk down to him and he can't tell them to fuck off. Ugh. This is a vent I guess. I just can't wait for him to be happy for a change.:mad pisses me off
  2. aka Mrs Gibberish
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    I'm sorry for the stupid people in the world
  3. KevzQueen
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    thanks There seems to be a few too many.
  4. MilitarySOS Jewel
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    Wow that's rude! It's his choice - noone else has a right to give an opinion on it. to you and him
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    His choice to get out doesn't affect them or their families. They need to butt out. If he's doing what's best for him and his family, then more power to him. Maybe they're just jealous that he has the guts to get out.
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  6. Account Closed
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    Gotta morons.

    That's so rude of someone to say you're probably going to go on welfare. You should tell them, "That's the plan. How'd you know?"

  7. MilitarySOS Jewel
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    We had the opposite problem here, people are so excited that he is getting out and staying here too work...

    Just tell them to blow it out their butts!
  8. hurry up and wait....
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    that's just rude. I'm sorry people are being so dumb like that!
  9. Senior Member
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    Misery loves company. Especially when those miserable people are jealous. They probably just wish it was them.
    blinkies by Britt
  10. I love my Boys!
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    DH has told me that alot of people treat them diferently once they find out that they are not Dh tells anyone who asks that he doesn't know or it isnt there business...He say's they say alot of mean stuff to them about not appreciating the job and how the wives will probably be upset and be scared about not having the reassurance of having a job for so many years. It is terrible that they seem to give up on the ones who are not planning to join again.,
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