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Thread: $100 in movies...

  1. rachaelandyogi
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    $100 in movies...

    all to be downloaded in 2 1/2 days. They're getting ready to ship all the stuff "over there" you know? So DB thought it would be a great idea to just download everything on his xbox thingy to save space. But couldn't he have started this project like a week ago? I was taking a nap with him today since I work tonight and he kept getting up to check on it, thus waking me up. Now I'm tired and slightly cranky. lol owell. It's definately kinda scary. All these little "markers" in my mind of things that would be done before he left keep getting marked off. It's scary. I mean, I know we aren't married or even engaged, but my whole heart is invested in this man. He is apart of so much of my life. I'm going to have to start going to the doc alone. That's scary enough. But to know that he won't be there at the end of the night if I want to come over and talk...I'm sorry, Im starting to ramble. Alright, I'll do some paperwork now.
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    I think the time right before deployment is hard. My sweetie was deployed early this year and the whole time leading up we just kept going through the list of things to get ready and pack. I always feel like there is this countdown in my life. And before he left I was counting down the days until he left... which was such a bummer. Now I am counting down the days until he returns. I know in my case it's going so much faster than I thought it would... and I am looking forward to being in his arms again!

    I hope your time with him goes slowly, and the time apart goes fast. And remember while he's gone, we're here.

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