Hello Everyone!

As the title suggests, I am facilitating our move to Fort Bliss while my husband finishes his deployment. I've already contacted housing there and have that portion sorted out (in possession of our HAF) and will be signing the lease some time in July. Boy, was that a feat! This is (collectively) our first move as a married couple and DH has only been getting half-truth information from his buddies which is then passed to me. So, I am coming to all you wonderful people that have been through this before to point me in the right direction. I know I need to start the process of a PCS move, but I'm not sure where to go to do so.

While DH has had Fort Bliss as his duty station prior to deployment, we got married in August and I elected to stay in Arizona (around friends and family) until his return from deployment. So, now we are trying to get all of my things (furniture, housewares, clothing, car, etc.), things he has stored at his parents' house here in Arizona, and his car to our assigned house prior to his return. Any help or suggestions are welcomed!

Also, If you are located in Fort Bliss, I would love to get to know some people!