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Thread: Overseas clearance and PAP

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    Overseas clearance and PAP

    Ok - not sure if anyone can help but I have a question regarding overseas clearance and I don't know where else to ask. My husband has recieved an assignment to Norway with his RNLD at the end of May. I can't do my clearance yet because they won't do it here more than 6 months out. On Friday I received my PAP results and they are abnormal Ive had abnormal cells before that were removed but that was 8 years ago and they've been good ever since (I've never gone longer than 2 years). I have a colposcopy scheduled in two weeks. I'm freaking out now. I'm so worried that this will stop me from being approved to go to Norway. I've checked with the medical station there (there is no base clinic or base hospital but they have wonderful healthcare in the local area) and there is a GYN that accepts Tricare and has availability/very short wait (and she is HIGHLY recommended by those already in the area) but I'm afraid that I'll be automatically denied because it is a remote overseas location. I have been stressing about this stupid overseas clearance since we received his orders and I wouldn't be surprised if my stress has contributed to my abnormal pap (immune system vulnerability because of stress). I need to learn meditation!!! Thanks!

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    I had to have a colposcopy for an abnormal pap, and I rushed it through and told the doctor I needed a rush on the results so I could do a military thing. (She was a civilian.) My results were something along the lines of no additional treatment being needed, other than to have regular paps, and I had zero issues getting approved. (our was not a remote location, admittedly.) Every service/base/screener/day is different, but try not to stress too much!
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    I just recently went through the overseas screening with the Naval hospital. I had an abnormal pap with a colposcopy and was cleared at my yearly appointment(civilian dr) 6 months later. I would ask your doctor to do another pap in 6 months to clear you, which should put you at that mark. With the colposcopy taking multiple samples it helps clear the area. From what I have gathered is as long as it low risk and they keep a watch then you should be fine, but that all depends on the duty station.

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