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Thread: PCS denial

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    Smile PCS denial

    My husband put in to PCS but got denied after filling out the paperwork and getting approval from the higher ups. He is due to PCS cuz he has been in the same place for 6 years.

    Most of his shop may move but we aren't a fan of the place they may move us too so that is why we put in to PCS. He qualified for the job and had his higher ups sign off on it. Is there anything else we can do to get it moved to an approval?
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    What do you mean by "he got denied"? Who did he contact about PCSing? Was he just updating his base preferences so they would line up with opening on the EQUAL list? I am also not sure what you mean by "he is due to PCS cuz he has been in the same place for 6 years". The needs of the Air Force come first, which is why some end up staying at the same location for years and years. As far as I know, there is nothing written that says they have to move you every so many years.
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    Is there anything you can do? It depends on why he was denied. Being stationed at one place and other people moving isn't a good enough reason. You can place an appeal in there; but, you need solid information on the justification for you guys to move. Not, time on station and you don't like it.
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    I know you've posted about this before and I've never really understood what is happening. Is this somewhat correct: His command is moving and he doesn't want to move with them, so he has requested to PCS out of that command so that he doesn't have to do where they are going, and that was denied? So now he has to move with them? Or is it that now he has to stay at the current location and will be assigned to a new command there since his old one is leaving?

    As others have mentioned "time in one place" is not a reason to have to move. However, if you are that desperate to get out of your current location, it sounds like he has an option--moving with his shop. I get that you don't like the location, but liking a location has pretty much nothing to do with a PCS.
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