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Thread: Army Duty Stations, Worst and Best?

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    Army Duty Stations, Worst and Best?

    I'm just wondering what your worst and best duty stations were?

    We've been stationed at Schofield Barracks (Overall I loved it but DH hated it lol) and we've also been stationed at Fort Campbell (I hate it but glad it's close to home for us). DH is up for reenlistment and we are wanting to know the goods and bads about other duty stations.
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    Best: Schofield Barracks for suuuuure. The location kinda sucks being in the middle of the island but how anybody complains about Hawaii, I’ll never know. Every inconvenience was more than made up for.

    Worst: Fort Polk, LA. If you scroll through my posts here, id say a good 85% of them mention my hatred of Louisiana. The base is in the middle of goddamn nowhere, like you have to drive an hour in either direction to even get to a real restaurant or a store that isn’t Walmart or the px. The gas stations are creepy, the roads are full of potholes that absolutely destroyed every tire on my car, it’s either grossly humid and hot or freezing cold, and there’s nothing to do unless you like hunting or fishing. And tbh I have no idea where people even go to do those things. I regret not divorcing my ex husband sooner, I could’ve lived my entire life without having to know that hellscape exists.
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    JBER; Anchorage, AK
    JBER in Alaska is awesome.
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    We LOVED Ft Carson in Colorado Springs and LOVED Baumholder in Germany.

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