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Thread: Talk to me about Fort Benning (PCS)

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    Talk to me about Fort Benning (PCS)

    Hi! Itís been a few years since Iíve been on here. Weíve bought a house, had a kid, dealt with a couple deployments and now itís time for the dreaded PCS.

    That being said, please tell me about Fort Benning. Weíre looking at possibly buying a house when we PCS and I want to be in a safe, nice neighborhood. I have an almost 1 year old now so safety of the neighborhood is important. Any advice on cities/places to start looking? TIA!
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    I have not lived there, SO did basic training there and when I visited him 2 times I absolutely loved it! The city, I think it was called Colombia, Columbus (something like that) has pretty much everything you need, but is a shit hole. Sorry about the language, but there is a lot of crime around there. I was told by the drill sergeants that if you live at Fort Benning it is best to live on Post. Also, there are parts of the town you should not be out alone because of the crime. Now, this is all hear-say from Drill Sergeants who live on Post, but I would assume it is pretty accurate.
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    To be real I hated Benning. It's a damn swamp, and the city is full of chain restaurants... and that's it. I didn't get out enough. we lived on post so that's probably why I hated it so much. A lot of people bought houses out in Phoenix City.

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