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Thread: Long time no see! Time to move again.

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    Long time no see! Time to move again.

    Hey all!

    DW and I have packed a lot into the last 18 months. We got married, I moved from Ohio to Vegas, I got a job, we became foster parents and got our first placement. The last 6 months or so we've really felt like we're settled in and our feet are under us. So naturally, we got orders for a PCS To Alaska!

    We're going to Eielson AFB early this fall and while DW is thrilled, i feel really thrown off! I feel nervous and disoriented! Has anyone lived there? Car advice? Phone advice? Did you drive up? Take the ferry? How does base housing feel when it's -30,-40,-50 outside? Anyone have pics of base housing?

    ETA: If you're in the spouse group on fb and can add me please let me know! I requested and messaged admins but haven't been allowed in as of yet.
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    I have no advice haha
    We are moving from Ohio to San Diego in late April, I will tell you though when I was talking with our tax guy who is retired air force, when my dh was trying to go air force when he was having trouble getting active navy again, he said when his family was in Alaska it wasn't as bad as everyone thinks, because it's not humid, so the cold doesn't get through your coat and freeze you.
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    I have only heard incredible things about Alaska! We were going to try and go there after Germany if my husband would have stayed in. Good luck and enjoy!!!

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    I have never heard a negative thing about Alaska, but I don't know specifics to your questions. If you're outdoorsy at all I'm sure you'll find it really enjoyable. We've had quite a few members live there so hopefully they can get you some answers. It is considered an OCONUS base so medical clearance and command sponsorship will be required, in case you didn't know.
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    All of my friends who have left there miss it like crazy! My brother is currently stationed there and loves it!
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    We're at JBER (way warmer than Eielson, lol). We drove to Bellingham and took the ferry to Haines and then drove the rest of the way (from Florida). We pretty much only have ATT, GCI or Verizon. We use Cricket (which is on ATT towers anyways) because it's cheapest. Their new housing is identical to the new housing here at JBER (but we've lived off base the last 5 years). There's so much to do and see here though, almost impossible to get bored except the winters are long, dark and annoying. I'm ready for summer.

    Best to start the overseas screening about 6 months before the report date so if there's any issues you have time to navigate it all. We have a Lakenheath report for August and are just waiting on Lakenheath to approve/deny.
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    My husband is supposed to move there with his shop. We are crossing our fingers that they had enough volunteers tho. I really don't want to move to Eielson AFB.

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