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Thread: Moving wife to first conus duty station.

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    Moving wife to first conus duty station.


    So, before I got shipped over here to Korea, I got married to the girl of my dreams who is now my wife. Unfortunately, she's not going to come over here with me. That way my tour in Korea is only 1 single year. At the end of my year and I PCS back to the us, my question is how do I get housing, how do I get her moved with me, how does any of it work, because we are planning on getting house off post. If any one could help me and just answer some quick questions about it, that would be great.
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    When you get orders to your new post, her name will be on the orders. You will go to the transportation office and make all arrangements to pick up your household goods at her location. That office will be able to answer all your questions. You might even be required to attend a briefing.
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    How you get housing in the US is that either you find a house, arrange to rent (or buy) it on your own, and move in. Or, you apply to live in military housing. Some places have wait lists (up to 2 years!) and others have immediate availability. If you live in military housing, you usually give up 100% of your BAH, but there are exceptions where they only take part of it.

    People handle it differently, but from what I've seen most either find a house ahead of time (often online, sight unseen) and sign a lease so it is theirs with in a few days of arrival, or they book a hotel and live there while they househunt. Most locations have TLFs (temporary lodging facilities), which are basically military hotels, and you can book them if they are available. They are usually, bot not always, cheaper than local hotels, and most allow you to book well in advance if you are on PCS orders.

    As for arranging the move and all that, your current command should be able to tell you the basics about what you would qualify for and how it will all work, and when you actually know where you are going, the gaining command can help with more specifics, like what the military housing situation is like.
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