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Thread: Move to AIT! Help please!

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    Move to AIT! Help please!

    My husband's AIT is 27 weeks, and he has a 3 week gap between reporting and class date. Any chance he'll be able to come home and help me and the kids move during that time, assuming his orders are accompanied? And will we be reimbursed for travel? Also, when will he get the orders to AIT that say if it's accompanied? Thanks in advance!!
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    I cannot answer this from personal experience, but I can say that when DH graduated from BCT and went to AIT there was no wait time. Just from what I know with the military I highly doubt they will pay for him to leave and come back (since he will only wiat for about 3 weeks). He might be able to leave, but probably pay for it himself. I know im not much help...LOL
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    When my husband (USMC) graduated boot camp they paid for is ticket to MCT, but not for his ticket home from boot camp (everyone gets 10 days leave in between). So I think no matter what he'll have to pay to go home to help you pack. However, your travel expenses to his duty station/AIT should be covered IF it's accompanied.

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