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Thread: Savings for first move?

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    Savings for first move?

    My husband just finished boot and is about to head to MCT. His MOS training will be around 6-9 months, so we won't get our first PDS for awhile.
    But I want to save as much as possible during that time.

    I know most on base housing doesn't come with washers or dryers, but what are some other expenses we're looking at for our first move to a PDS?
    I'm trying to figure out our budget and allot money to a savings account so we are able to cover anything we may need when that time comes! I've heard DITY moves and partials can cause some hiccups/delays with reimbursements, so I want to make sure we have enough to cover anything unexpected from that as well.

    Any tips are appreciated!

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    Hey! Fellow Marine wife here!

    You're correct, most places don't come with washer and dryer. But our base housing in San Diego did so we had to keep our set in the garage. Don't buy until you get to your 1st PDS and check out Lowes and Home Depot since they offer 10% off for military.

    With furniture, you can find a lot of nice gently used stuff on the buy/sell/trade pages or at the curb the night before trash day (I'm into fixer upper projects).

    I'd also put away money for 1st and last month's rent JUST IN CASE there is no base housing available and you have to live off base. Some base housing communities won't let you get on their list until you've checked into the new command, so be prepared for that as well.

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    I saved up a few thousand dollars before we moved and it definitely went fast between the cross-country drive and getting settles into our new place. We live off base, so we had first and last months rent, deposits on the house and bills, washer and dryer, we didn't have much furniture so we needed couches, a table, etc. Like PP said I would definitely look around because you can find really good deals on used furniture and it's usually in pretty good shape. Lots of people just sell everything and start fresh when they PCS.

    It can take a while to be reimbursed for moving expenses so it's definitely good to be prepared and have more than you think you'll need.
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    Swip swap pages will be come a great friend for things like washer and dryer or anything. Heck I think most of our life started that way. If it wasn't a gift it was something we got off craigslist and swip swaps.

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