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Thread: Pets in Iwakuni

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    Quote Originally Posted by abuery View Post
    In my past experience of CONUS base housing we got our assignment a few weeks before we arrived.
    Wow, never heard that happening, even CONUS, unless it was mandatory housing set aside for those in certain jobs. Many places you can be put on the housing list with orders, but your place on the list is not really official until you have detached from the prior location. So say you are 10th on the list but someone arrives before you who was not on the list. If they detached before you they will go ahead of you on the list.
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    Maybe that was our case? We are only stationed at our current location for six months or so. Maybe because our orders were so short that it gave us some type of advantage.
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    I've never known housing to be assigned prior to getting on base, more times than not you have to wait from a few days to months..

    As far as the dogs, my advice to anyone with animals going to places like Japan or Korea, or ones with smaller housing and restrictions.. to not take them. As crappy and mean as that sounds, the steps needed to get them there, and without a guarantee isn't worth it. Plus, you have pay to ship them out of pocket, the military will not pay to ship the animals. It would be far more work involved to get them over there and not be able to keep them, then pay to send them back. At least if you rehome them before you hand you can have a say and an idea on where they are. Maybe a close friend or family will foster while you are gone (we did that for a friend because they couldn't take them with).

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