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Thread: Anyone ever stationed in New Orleans?

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    Anyone ever stationed in New Orleans?

    Has anyone been stationed in New Orleans? What can you tell me about it? We have no kids so schools matter not at all. What's the cost of living like? Does BAH go more or less far than average? What did you love or hate? How far is the base (it think the specific base is call is call Naval Air Station joint base New Orleans, or something like that) from New Orleans proper? Is there a lot to do in the area outside of the city of New Orleans (semi-local travel within 3-ish hours)? Did you find you were sort of given the side eye by locals or were you welcomed? Anything else I should know?

    No, we aren't necessarily or even probably moving there. DH is way, way out from even discussing order with anyone except me, but we've started having conversations so he knows what to discuss when the time comes. It's a good news/bad news thing in that he *should* have a great deal of say over where he ends up, but there aren't a ton of jobs for what's next and he'll have a very specific roll date so his timing window will be pretty small, so the list he'd be choosing from won't be super long. Anyway, depending on a few other factors, on possibility is that we may end up just kind of picking a location we want, as long as the job doesn't seem like it would absolutely suck for him, so we are trying to make a short list of locations. He was looking at the list of what's available now just to get an idea, and there was a job in New Orleans. So this is super, super preliminary!
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    I don't have any info to contribute, but I'm following this thread because New Orleans is also one of a few limited possibilities for DB in a couple of years and I'd also love to hear anyone else's insight!
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    We had friends that lived there and liked it alright. They don't like humidity and the fun that goes with it; but, didn't mind it. We had other friends that really liked it and retired out of there.

    I liked their posts on the farmer's markets. haha. Otherwise, I'm not help.
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