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Thread: orders to jax, fl

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    orders to jax, fl

    My husband has a few weeks of A school then some leave time. Then we head to Jax, FL. He has orders for NAS Jax. We are from the Tampa bay area and have been to Jacksonville several times before. Does anyone who has been stationed here have any tips for me for housing, moving, meeting people, things to do, etc.??? Any areas I should look for a house to rent?? We would like a low crime area with good schools.

    My husband had put San Diego, CA and Washington state on his dream sheet if that helps anyone who might be wondering. He is a LS. We wanted to get out of Florida but I guess it will be a good transition to only be about 3 1/2 hours from family.
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    Welcome to Jax. We were stationed at NAS several years ago and lived in avondale....miss that neighborhood. We are now closer to mayport. There are spouse pages on Facebook. You will get a wide range of areas to live in and all. There is a school liaison at FFSC to help with schools. Again many have different opinions. Duval isn't the greatest of schools but they have magnet programs which are good. COMPASS is starting back up soon at the Mayport site so feel free to attend a class when that gets started. My husband and I enjoyed the area so that is why we came back. At any duty station there are people who love it, hate it or they have no opinions just keep an open mind to that aspect of peoples opinions.
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    Northeast Jax around the base and east of 95 to Nassau isn't too bad as far as crime rate. Mandarin is fine. Springfield is up and coming but still a little rough... I'd stay out of the Moncrief area.

    Obviously there are many more neighborhoods, but those are the ones I'm most familiar with. For NAS Jax, San Marco, Ortega, and Avondale are probably the safest and most convenient areas.
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    I'm in Jax too my DH is stationed at Mayport. We chose to live in the NE part of Jacksonville like anarchamom mentioned. We don't have school aged children yet so I didn't look at schools too much but we definitely got more bang for our buck up here and personally I like not being in the heart of the city.

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