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Thread: Fort Lewis anyone?

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    Fort Lewis anyone?

    DB received his first duty station a few weeks ago and he's heading out over there after he wraps up his last couple weeks of AIT. He's gonna get a couple days of break to come back home and we're going to get married during that time! Then it's off to Washington with him. Anyone else on here there? I've never left San Diego so this will all be so new to me and it would be great to maybe make a few friends who might be there before I head out towards there. Feeling super nervous, but excited for it
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    If you're getting married between you should be prepared for a difficult time with housing. Since you're stateside his orders won't necessarily need to be amended, but getting you enrolled in DEERS might take a little bit and therefore housing will probably take time as well. Something to think about.

    There are a few members here from JBLM so hopefully they can offer more insight.
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    I'm at JBLM. We don't live on post though, so I can't really help with that. I hate living on post. Be excited to to come here! It's great, one of the best locations I've ever been in.

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    We've been here five years. We've lived on base on the McChord side the entire time. If you have any questions, feel free to message me.

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