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Thread: Tour conversion process and Area Clearance

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    Tour conversion process and Area Clearance

    Hi! I'm moving to Okinawa soon (hopefully). Does anyone know about how long it takes for tour conversion paperwork to be approved? I've heard different things. Should my husband check in occasionally to see if the paperwork can be pushed through? I'm planning on traveling to Okinawa in a few months and staying at a base hotel until it all goes through. Has anyone done anything similar?
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    Tour conversion as in he is on an unaccompanied tour and he is trying to convert it to an accompanied tour? If that is the case, I would not suggest traveling to Okinawa and waiting for it to go through. For one thing, these things can take some time and there is no guarantee you could stay at a base hotel for that length of time.
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    Were you married before he PCS'd do Japan? How much longer does he have there?

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