I realize this is probably going to be hard to answer, but wanted to see if anyone happened to know.

I'm enrolled in EFMP but we've been at the same base the whole time so I haven't had to get clearance for a move.

DH might be getting orders with fairly short notice (one-three months). We'd be moving only a few hours away (different state, but same Tricare region). I'm planning to be out of town twice (for almost two months combined) during the time frame that we would find out and have to move.

To complicate things even more, I see a PCM off base (I'm prime but got a special waiver to go off base because they couldn't meet my needs on base). I'm seeing my PCM soon, and I'm wondering if she could fill out the paperwork at that appointment, since I might not see her again until after the potential move has taken place due to my travels, and her having a fairly long wait time to get an appointment that's non-urgent.

So, has anyone ever had the paperwork filled out prior to official orders just in case you need them?