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Thread: Entry approval

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    Entry approval

    How long does it take to get entry approval after getting your medical clearance approved? Also is entry approval the same as command sponsorship? I'm stateside while husband is already overseas.
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    I answered your other post about timing, but no, entry approval and command sponsorship aren't quite the same thing. For the Navy (don't know about other services), you do your medical screen, everything is sent to the gaining command, and they will accept/approve it, and then you get a Dependent Entry approval that says that you have command sponsorship. It's the sponsorship that allows you to be seen at the base clinic, get a SOFA driver's license, etc. (what it gets you and how depends on the country to which you are going.) Basically, CS means that you are in that country officially an that the command and the military kind of take responsibility for you. So they are almost the same thing, but not quite.
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