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Thread: Camp Pendleton, BAH for Navy E3

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    Camp Pendleton, BAH for Navy E3


    I am an E3 spouse-to-be wondering if my fiancee will get BAH once they relocate to Camp Pendleton. I heard that Marine Corps will not let an E3 live off base even if they are married. Help please!! We will be married before he PCS to Camp Pendleton
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    weather you are able to live off or on base you will get BAH....but here is the thing. If living on base housing the BAH will be taken away (it will show in the LES) because you are using their housing. If able to live out in town you will get that BAH and use it to rent a place out. So yes he will get what ever BAH but depending on what they do it will also be taken out or stay.

    Was he given a sponsor? Maybe your SO can check with them weather or not he is required to be in base housing or not.
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    BAH Calculator

    Just in case you are wondering the amount. Margot is right though- you will get it regardless, but you will either see it or you wont. Depending on where you are able to live.

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