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Thread: Question for those who's SO are in the military??

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    Question for those who's SO are in the military??

    My boyfriend just started the applications process for OCS. He's already in the Delayed Entry Program for the Navy and was scheduled to go to bootcamp July 31st and then onto BUD/S because he signed some SEALs Challenge or something that he can go straight from boot.

    If he does get into officers stuff, how is OCS different from bootcamp?

    And is being an officer better?

    I was doing ok sort of knowing the plan with what would happen with him, now this OCS stuff has got me all crazy again because I don't know exactly what is going to happen.

    Any advice/answers/help would be GREATLY appreciated! Hopefully to ease my anxiety/nervousness.
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    If he goes to BUD/s right after ocs, then he only gets one shot at the program.
    Also he will be scruntinized more as an officer at BUD/s... more beatings, more headaches; they except a lot out of their leaders.
    As far as OCS, I have no idea, but expect it to be a bit harder... the military in general expects a lot out of its leaders.
    Good luck to your man!
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    Does he have his degree?
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    My DF said that OCS is just going to be much more diffcult. He said 2 or 3times more intense than bootcamp.
    DF said you would be a lot happier having him OCS because Im not going to say what he said but he said the BUDS is way more dangerous.

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