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Thread: Man Overboard!!!!

  1. FaT_BoYz_LaDy
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    Man Overboard!!!!

    seriously dh just told me in an email some guy just walked off the carrier he says he was looking up into the sky and just fell off the ship was a mile away b4 it turned around how scary!
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    wow...not to be a downer, but that just doesn't seem funny at all. How Scary!
  3. Senior Member
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    I heard that too and I was like :inshock I would be so scared if it was me, and I didnt think it was funny either. What if they wouldnt have noticed him?
  4. FaT_BoYz_LaDy
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    it is scary its just the way that dh described it to me it was so funny like why on earth are you not gonna look where you walk on a flight deck it just seems like something that would never happen
  5. Single and Lovin' it!
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    yeah thats actually pretty scary. That is someone's son, maybe someone's husband...its not funny.

    I hope he's okay.
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  6. TrishaM
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    Quote Originally Posted by sunshyne View Post
    wow...not to be a downer, but that just doesn't seem funny at all. How Scary!
    Thats kinda what I thought. I do not see the humor in that. Poor guy could have died. And yeah, what if they wouldnt have seen him.
  7. hurry up and wait....
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    wow, that's not funny, it's scary
  8. MilitarySOS Jewel
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    How scary. Hope the guy is ok
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    Hm thank god he didn't fall near a propeller.

    Glad he is ok! I would have been sooo scared.
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  10. ImaLuckyWife
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    But it is NOT funny what so ever what happend to the guy! What if he was your husband? Did you ever think of that! Regardless how he worded it doesnt matter...i think you should have just thought before you posted and even the giggle you put next to it!
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