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Thread: Moving to NC! Ft Bragg!

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    Jump for Joy Moving to NC! Ft Bragg!

    Sooooo, DH reported to Bragg a week or two before Thanksgiving, I could've gone with him when he got his orders but chose not to for the sake of wanting to continue working to save up as much money as possible, well it is finally time for me to move out there with him! He already has our house on post and has "somewhat" settled in, I'll be heading there in just a few days but I'm nervous since this is the first time I will be living on a military installation with DH since he has been in the Army. I've heard Ft. Bragg is HUGE which I'm assuming that means there is a lot to do which I am excited for, but I was wondering what are the best ways to get out of the house and meet new people to make friends since none of my other Army wive friends are at Bragg. I really don't want to be confined to the house by myself all day since DH will be gone 10-12 hours a day and we have no pets or kids at the moment to keep me busy. I just want to keep myself busy while making friends with (good) wives (I've heard horror stories about awful military spouses and DO NOT want to get caught up with those kinds of women), as well as explore post.
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    I'm at Bragg! I love it, and I'm pretty sad we are leaving in a few months to another DS.

    There are a TON Of wives groups around here, that have weekly meet ups. There are work out groups, book groups, game groups.. Pretty much anything you can think of. Join a few of the Bragg pages on Facebook (If you are on facebook) and post asking about meet-ups! I'm sure someone will chime in! I don't know much about them, but I have seen them commenting.

    To me, there isn't really much to do in the general area, but there is a lot to travel to. There are a ton of really nice areas close by like the beaches. We love going to Kure beach and Ft. Fisher on the weekends. We enjoy going to Raleigh for dinner dates as well. Southern Pines for day shopping and wine dates. Fort Bragg is huge, but a lot of it is training areas.

    Don't believe all the stories you hear. You tend to hear about the bad things and less about the good, which makes it seem like there are more of the latter.
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    I'm heading to NC in a few weeks too and I get to start all over and make new friends. I make a lot of non-military wife friends through work or school (when I was going and I plan to go back). I meet most mil-wives through friends of my husband. Maybe your DH and you can have some of the guys he works with over for dinner and you can meet their SOs. Or, volunteer at your squadron and meet other SOs there.

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