Good evening,

I am new to the forum and trying to gain some clarity on the position of the dependents of sponsors who do Blue to Green. I can find a lot of information for the sponsors themselves, but what of the dependents? There is very little to no information out there.

My husband will be separating honorably due to higher-tenure expiring as a Ssgt in the Air Force; and the separation date is relatively imminent. From what I understand he will not, or cannot, do the request for conditional release due to the imminent separation date on Feb 12th. Apparently the on-base housing situation can be affected depending on whether he takes terminal leave or not.

He has met with the Army recruiters, but unfortunately, still very little information is available as to what happens with us, the family (wife and a toddler) while he is in basic training/technical training. And frankly, as the days pass and I am unable to find info, I am starting to stress out about the void of information. I really don't know anyone at this base, and so no support system, family nor friends to turn to. I don't know where to start to get reliable information. Who would be the authority on the transition process? After several meetings with the Army recruiter, and with the out-processing training of the Air Force, we still have negligible info at best. My husband is being told a variety of things from different sources, which is going from having to move off base as soon as terminal leave BEGINS, back to home of record [which is across the country], all to have to move 6-8 weeks later back to wherever his Army duty station would be. PCSing is already stressing enough. To have to move twice in a month and a half is nothing less than daunting.

We live on-base currently, but apparently, the "process" cannot begin until my husband is given his DD-214, and there is no telling exactly when that will be because he has to wait on his medical assessment, and finish out-processing checklist, etc. etc. Are we able to continue to live on the Air-Force base until he graduates and is assigned his Army duty station? Or do we have to move out and find a temporary home off base for the duration of his training?

If he takes his terminal leave prior to transitioning Blue to Green, how does that affect us, or does it? Is it better for him to not take terminal leave so we can continue to live on base? Overwhelmed. Thanking in advance anyone with experience with this, on how you pulled through, do's and don'ts, and facts.