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Thread: Moving with pets

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    Moving with pets

    We just PCS'd halfway across the country with two cats. I thought it was going to be a nightmare, but it actually went so good! The first day I gave them half of a xanax (vet prescribed), and one of the cats cried for two hours straight. After that, perfect angels for the 14 hour drive (broke apart into two days). The second day I didn't even give them medication. I bought a really big crate that took up the entire backseat of my car and put them in it together. Bought a disposable litter box and at stops I offered water (but they never ate or drank until the hotel, but one cat did use the litterbox). Definitely look for La Quinta's on your hotel stop! Military discount and pets are FREE. My cats ended up sleeping for most of the trip which really surprised me. I think they were more comfortable having the large space, plus being together. Definitely recommend a big crate if your cats can get along. The week before the move, we tested out the crate situation and one of my cats got out of the car and ran up another car engine, when we got home. That was scary!! It literally took an hour to get him out of the neighbors car (my cats dont go outside). After that incident I wouldn't even unzip the crate unless all the car doors were shut. Lesson learned! I have heard horror stories about pets running away on moves across the country, so be careful!! Anyone else have a successful pet move? Or any advice for those who are about to undertake this challenge? It's always good to get a Vet's advice if you think your pets can not handle it....One of my cats throws up EVERY single car ride and so that is why I tried the medication route... definitely make sure your babies are microchipped too!
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    Quote Originally Posted by bluechickyus2 View Post
    Anyone else have a successful pet move? Or any advice for those who are about to undertake this challenge?
    I’ve PCSed cross-country twice with 2 large dogs in 1 small car and we’re coming up on PCS #3 in a few months. One of the dogs loves car rides and enjoys looking at the sights as we drive while the other dogs tries to sleep through the entire trip. I like to stop every ˝ a tank of gas to fill up and take the dogs out walking for a bit. They’ve always done really well on long drives so we haven’t had any real issues.

    There’s a site called - Pet Friendly Hotel & Dog Travel Directory that helps with finding pet friendly hotels, restaurants, events, etc.

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    I PCSed about three months ago with a big dog all by myself. DH wasn't granted any time off to house hunt or help with the move so it was up to me to drive 2/3 across the country with our dog. I stopped at a rest stop and slept for a few hours. Our dog isn't good with other animals and I didn't want to take the risk of going to an animal friendly hotel and encountering another animal by myself. Luckily our dog is really good in the car. He loves looking out the window and slobbering all over the windows. Just like idratherbehiking, I stopped every half tank and let him go to the bathroom. After awhile he didn't want to get back in the car but being in a car for 40 hours sucks. He was ecstatic to get out of the car and see his daddy. Overall, it was much easy then I thought it would be

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